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Although there have been many thousands of books published about Abraham Lincoln, this is the first biography ever written exclusively about his father and the family where he grew up. For example, now it is known where “Honest Abe” got his nickname.

Thomas Lincoln, father of Abraham Lincoln, was born in 1776 in Virginia during the American Revolutionary War. His life story reveals the experiences of those pioneers who gradually moved west settling the untamed forests and grasslands of Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois. His son Abraham was born in Kentucky grew to manhood in Indiana and finally left the family to work independently in Illinois...




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Thomas Lincoln was a hard-working man of strong character, a dependable and temperate man. He pushed back the wilderness, building his own homes and their furniture. He was a very responsible, law-abiding and religious man who made a reasonable living for his family and was generous to a fault. Thomas’ mother had been literate, but Thomas was the only literate member of his immediate family; he could read the Bible and sign his name; both of his wives were illiterate. Realizing the value of literacy, Thomas pushed his son, Abraham’s, education whenever possible in spite of the limited frontier conditions where they lived.

The truthfulness and honesty of Thomas Lincoln are mentioned over and over by contemporaries who knew him. Thomas was a good father, husband and neighbor. He also was a wonderful storyteller. It is well documented that the brilliant story-telling and compassionate politician called “Honest Abe” got his story-telling skills and moral values from his father, Thomas Lincoln.


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